Rules & Guidelines



                                                                        New Hope Board and Lodge

                                                                                      HOUSE RULES

No physical, verbal, or sexual harassment is allowed. You will be evicted immediately, and charges will be pressed against you. 

No illicit drugs and alcohol on the premises. If suspected, management will conduct room searches. If contraband is found, management will notify Law Enforcement, Social Services, and Probation Officers. You will be evicted immediately. Intoxicated persons will be taken to detox. 

Residents are expected to take their medications as prescribed. Failure to do so may result in eviction and/or hospitalization. 

Firearms or weapons (pocketknives included) are NOT allowed on the premises. 

No stealing is allowed. 

Sexual relations amongst residents is prohibited. Residents are allowed only in their own bedroom. Guests are to remain in the common living areas. Visiting hours are from 8AM-8PM. 

Curfew for New Hope Board and Lodge Residents is 10PM-7AM, only exceptions are for work. 

Residents need to notify management and the County case manager if you are going to be away from the residence for more than one night. If management is aware that you have been gone for more than one night, we will notify your case manager. Group Residential Housing rules state that you are allowed a certain amount of days per year (2019: 18 Nights). Check with your case manager to determine how many days are allowed. 

Mandatory Resident meetings are every other Tuesday at 6PM. Multiple no-shows will result in eviction unless approved by management. 

Smoking is allowed outside in the back yard only. Cigarette butts must be disposed of in designated spots that are located outside of rear entrance. Violations of this rule will be cause for eviction.

Residents are expected to bathe at least four times per week to maintain good hygiene. 

Residents are responsible for making their own meals with the food that is provided. Meals are to be eaten in the kitchen or rec area only. No outdated food is allowed in the refrigerator or freezer. It will be thrown out immediately, if found. 

If you make a mess, you are required to clean it up immediately. This includes dishes. Residents are expected to participate in cleaning the common living areas of the house. 

When tasks are assigned- you are expected to complete the task the same day that it is assigned to you.

Your rooms are to be kept clean, beds made, and clothing put away. Residents are expected to have only the amount of clothing that fits in one dresser or in half of the closet. You are responsible for your own belongings. New Hope Board and Lodge is NOT responsible for anything that is lost or stolen. 

Residents may bring ONE personal television- no larger than 32 inches. ONE small music device, gaming station, or laptop is allowed. One bicycle and one spare tire and wheel are allowed. New Hope Board and Lodge will not be a place for you to store excess belongings. (No furniture, grills, propane tanks, etc.). 

Random UAs will be conducted to ensure sobriety through out your stay at New Hope Board and Lodge. Failed test will result in immediate eviction.

Security cameras are located at entrances of doors to ensure safety and curfew compliance. If cameras are altered or handled in any way you will be evicted immediately and charges will be pressed against you.

If for any reason your stay is terminated by New Hope Board and Lodge, we will pack up your personal belongings and place them somewhere off the premises. The location will be discussed at that time. 

Residents are responsible for replacing and/or repairing anything in the house or on the property that is intentionally damaged due to recklessness.  

If you start working or are working, you will be required to pre-pay your portion of the amount that is requested by New Hope Board and Lodge. You are also expected to maintain coordination of care with your financial worker to ensure all requirements are being fulfilled. When the actual amount owed is determined by county the following month, we will notify you of any difference that you owe. 

Residents are required to give a 30-day written notice prior to leaving New Hope Board and Lodge. Failure to do so, will result in you owing New Hope Board and Lodge 30-days of rent beginning from your discharge rate. 

If there are issues at the house, it is expected that you address the issues with management of the house. We will try and work with you to solve any issues that arise. If New Hope Board and Lodge determines that the issue is un-resolvable and there are on-going conflict, New Hope Board and Lodge has the right to have you leave the facility. In most cases, we will provide a 30-day notice, however, if it is necessary- you will be asked you leave immediately.

By signing this document, I agree to abide by all the rules and the terms and conditions of this document. 

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